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The Digital Universe of Data

The Digital Universe is the total collection of newly created data including streaming video and stored digital data which is growing at an incredible pace.  It doubles in size every two years, in 2013 it was 4.4 Zettabytes, and is expected to exceed 50 Zettabytes in 2020.  DataFission’s High-Performance Data Analytics (HPDA) Solutions as IDC has described it enables the search and analytics of any digital data, with a particular focus on the Enterprise Search and Analytics market, where the primary focus are images and video content.

Traditional and current search methods used in the Enterprise are archaic, impractical, slow and costly.  DataFission’s integrated methods use metadata tags when available and also generate machine readable metadata tags to represent a textual annotation for image and video data and audio indexing.  As opposed to manpower driven teams of technicians and analysts processing, exploiting and disseminating digital data for use at a later date.

DataFission’s Search and Analytics Tools will discover and sift through the massive amount of daily digital data we are creating.  Our innovations make use of deep machine learning, associative memory, and memory networks to connect and link information within and across massive quantities of unstructured data.

DataFission provides a comprehensive set of automatic indexing, searching, auto-tagging and alerting capabilities.  DataHunter Search has become a dispensable tool in many enterprise and government environments.

DataFission Search and Analytic Tools