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DataFission’s New DUSE Search Engine Lets You Search Any Unstructured Data

Dr. Harold Trease, DataFission’s Chief Scientist spoke with GISCafe Voice about the new DataFission DataHunter, Digital Universe Search Engine – DUSE, a content-based, search engine for use in digesting and searching unstructured data. The new search engine allows users to search anything digitally, from video, audio, network traffic, satellite images, radar data, malware, images as well as unstructured text, all in one search. Unlike traditional search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Microsoft that have been around for 15 years, searching with DUSE doesn’t require further work to search the medium the user requires.  It contains both simple API’s and GUI’s that just provide rankings and answers to complex data queries to uniforms and analysts as well as tools  for the advanced data scientist such as access to live data structures and tools at a very deep level.   GISCafe Voice:  What types of input do you put into the search engine, as...

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Unstructured Video, Image and Everything Else Search Engine Launched

San Jose, CA , USA - June 27, 2016 /PressCable/   A new search engine has launched that allows users to search anything digitally, from video, audio, network traffic, satellite images, radar data, malware, images as well as unstructured text, all in one search. Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are still using similar technology to what they had 15 years ago. Unlike traditional search engines, searching doesn’t require further work to search the medium the user requires. DataFission created DataHunter a Digital Universe Search Engine, “DUSE”. It is a platform that was created with the aim of providing content-based search for digital everything.   The website explains how DataFission makes all unstructured data searchable, enabling meta-data free searches to gather video, image, audio, network traffic, malware or any other forms of digital data a user could wish to search. The search platform makes use of enterprise servers, the cloud and mobile indexing to enable a...

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DataFission is attending Leverage Big Data Summit in San Diego June 5-7, 2016

  Leverage Big Data Summit is an invitation-only hosted summit designed to bring business leaders and mind-thought leaders in advanced and data-intensive computing together to discuss the challenges that organizations face as they navigate the build-out of Big Data systems and how to derive ROI from these aggressive plans and efforts. DataFission, Inc. is pleased to have been invited to participate and help sponsor Big Data’16. DataFission uses similarity search algorithms to search for people, places, and things in unstructured and multimedia data. DataFission’s DUSE (Digital Universe Search Engine) will ingest, index, search and analyze raw digital content. Turning it into insightful data that can be used to connect the dots, to represent patterns, trends, actions, and more. The data can be sourced from anywhere, archived Binary Large Objects (Blobs) are typically images, audio or other multimedia objects, though may also be binary executable code, sensors, streaming video (networked IP cameras or...

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Check out our Interview from GEOINT 2016 – Gaylord Palms Resort – May 15-18, 2016

Harold Trease - Chief Scientist at DataFission is being interviewed by Sanjay Gangal of GISCafe to discuss DataHunter, a Digital Universe Search Engine “DUSE”. DUSE can find anything; photographs, videos, satellite images, radar data, audio, network traffic, malware and everything else, without the need for metadata. Google's Search Engine is able to search for text, but unable to search images, video, audio, network traffic, etc. Innovation and a Next Generation Search Engine are essential to keep pace with the growing amount of data being created. From corporations to end users, we need the ability to search unstructured data to respond to real-time data and make proactive strategic decisions; especially for the mobile search market...

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Come Visit Us at GEOINT 2016 in Orlando, Florida

          DataFission’s mission is to become the technology partner to the world’s leading solution providers, enterprises, and government agencies incorporating our innovative science and technology to extract, exploit and convert unstructured data, into auto-tagged, searchable, and high value content that can be rapidly interpreted and appropriate actions taken.   DataFission’s capabilities and analytics are by design, focused on revealing and converting greater amounts of Unstructured Data, using a Metadata-Free, Content-Based Search Platform and DataHunter Appliances that the Geospatial Intelligence Community will be able to rely upon to provide decisive advantages to policymakers, warfighters, intelligence professionals, first responders with real-time decision making  abilities.   DataFission, Inc. May 15-18,  2016 Gaylord Palms Resort Orlando, Florida Booth #1939

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